I was raised in a small town just north of Baltimore, Maryland, with a family who always encouraged being outside.  My mother was always taking my sister and me on trips to new and exciting places, instilling in me from a young age the passion for travel and the outdoors.  


After graduating from Penn State University with a degree in Art and Theater, I took up a job working as a deckhand aboard an educational schooner out of Baltimore.  It's here that I first discovered photography, and the ability to share my experiences with others. From that point on, I've been driven to capture powerful and emotional images of the natural world, and share them with others.

I strive to continue sharpening my skills and perfecting my craft through various forms of outdoor photography.  I hope to not only influence change on environment issues, but to also inspire people to get outside to see some of the beautiful places this world has to offer.  

Feel free to contact me with any specific requests or inquiries!